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Artificial Turf & Fake Grass Installations

To most of us the term artificial grass invokes an image of the fake grass covering that you might see in the front of a greengrocer shop displaying their products to the passing trade.

It may surprise you to know that in-fact it’s been around since 1965 and was patented by James M. Faria and Robert T. Wright before being branded as AstroTurf after it’s use in the Houston Astrodome stadium in 1966.

Worldwide it has since seen a huge increase in installation & demand for supply with the UK artificial grass market hitting it’s peak in 24th – 30th of May 2020. The UK is now leading the trend in artificial grass installations worldwide.

The huge versatility of the product is widely responsible for this along with the pure ease of installation and maintenance of a fake lawn for use at your home, office, business premises, communal spaces and schools, nurseries & sports facilities.

The durability of AstroTurf for use in schools and sports facilities makes it an ideal substitute for hard to maintain football pitches, school playing fields and children’s nurseries.

Use & Benefits of Artificial Lawns in your Home

The use of artificial grass in the home garden is great for the elderly who don’t want to mow, weed & fertilise their lawn. It’s also great for shady or water logged areas of the garden where natural grass would suffer or for smaller areas such as balconies & terraces where the logistics of lawn-care are just not practical.

Do you have a shady patch in your garden or is your grass failing and looking shabby around planted trees, shrubs and sun-blocking bordering plants. That won’t be an issue with an artificial lawn and the grass can come right up to the edge of your plant borders and still look great without any need for consistently edging your lawn.

A Fake Lawn at Home

It’s also great if you have pets such as cats & dogs as artificial grass is easy to clean and can simply be washed off once the mess has been cleared up. Synthetic grass consists of filaments threaded into a backing that lets water through.

With artificial grass installation cost falling it is becoming far more affordable and acceptable for use in the home as people tire of maintaining a lawn which invariably grows out of control in the winter and becomes patchy and sometimes dry in the summer. As most years in the UK there will also be a hosepipe ban, the ease of maintenance soon become a compelling reason for an artificial lawn that looks great all year round.

Use & Benefits of Fake Grass in Commercial Spaces

The cost of upkeep of grass in the commercial setting can be extremely high to maintain that manicured lawn look around office buildings, especially when near an entrance way as people generally take a short-cut over the grass rather than use the paths provided.

Fake Turf Used in Restaurants & Beer Gardens

A snazzy way to use artificial grass around your property is to incorporate your business logo directly into a fake grass installation around your business entrance.

Artificial Grass for Restaurants & Beer Gardens add’s an easy to maintain classy look to your lawned areas while providing an aesthetically pleasing relaxing environment which is also safe for kids.

It may also be laid directly onto concrete although it is not recommended and will limit the life of the artificial turf. However when laid as recommended on a sand or ash base it will provide a slightly softer surface which can reduce the number of broken glasses and plates of the number of grazed knees for the little ones.

Benefits & Use of Artificial Grass for Schools, Nurseries & Sports Facilities

Safe outdoor areas for all schools and nurseries, ideal all year round. Our artificial grass for schools is extremely hard wearing and suitable for use in all weather it’s also easy to install in any shape and any size.
Easily transform all those unusable or unsightly areas into great usable space that’s safe for kids of all ages.

It is completely resistant to UV damage and best of all there is no mud to traipse into the classrooms, it also provides a softer surface than Paving, Tarmac & safety surfacing. Being beautiful, easy to care for and there’s no mowing, no mess and no mud it’s the obvious choice for schools and nurseries.

Atrificial Grass for Schools & Nurseries